About Crash Bandicoot

Running games never go out of style and they are becoming more and more popular. Let's skip the recently released running games and come back to experience the running games of the past. One of these games is Crash Bandicoot. You will control a dog running, jumping, and destroying wooden boxes along the way. The game is designed with retro graphics that will bring people back to the past.

Navigate character Crash in Crash Bandicoot

Your character can run, jump and spin his way through dangerous paths and scary creatures. In addition, your character can also jump high, high spin jump. body slam and slide attack. These abilities you will receive when defeating the bosses. In addition to trying to stay away from dangers along the way, you also need to pick up roadside items

Discover some collectibles in Crash Bandicoot

  • Wumpa Fruit is found in the path of most levels, as well as inside wooden boxes. If you collect 100 Wumpa Fruit, you will receive an extra life. Go through the fruits to collect them. In addition, Wumpa Fruit is also used to restore health.
  • The Aku Aku Mask will protect Crash from damage from enemies and obstacles. However, it cannot protect you if your character falls below the gaps. Collect up to two masks for a double damage boost.
  • Gems and Crystals are great valuables in this game. You can find gems in wooden boxes.
  • There are many boxes that will appear along the way. These wooden crates will help your journey. They will also grant Wumpa, Aku Aku mask and life. In addition, the box can also contain gems.

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • X to jump
  • Z to spin.

Some characteristics of Crash Bandicoot

  • The running game with levels will be a great method to relax and challenge your skill.
  • With the cute character, children can play this game.
  • The game has retro graphics which can be found in the modern running game
  • This game has familiar gameplay with other running games, so it isn’t hard to know the rules of the game.