About Cricket Live

Cricket Live is a sports game in which you play as a cursor or bowler to compete with other players. Gain more points to win by hitting the ball successfully!

Are you ready to participate in cricket competitions? Come to this game to have an opportunity to experience the cricket simulation game.

In this game, you will become a bowler or a cursor. When being a bowler, you are an attacker. You need to place the ball cursor by dragging your mouse and tapping on the screen to bowl. You can select the different positions of the cursor and the strength of energy to attack your enemies. Try to make them miss the ball!

After 6 times bowl, you will change the role to become a cursor. In this process, you will try to hit the ball successfully. On the right screen, you will see the point bar. The higher you hit the ball, the more points you gain. The person getting more points after the role change will gain victory.

In addition, this competitive game will match you randomly with other players instead of playing with the computer. This feature will help you have real experiences with this sport.

Features of Cricket Live

  • The interesting and addictive sports game
  • Multiplayer
  • Change the role after 6 times of attack

How to control

  • Drag your mouse to place the cursor
  • Tap on the screen to bowl
  • Tap on the screen to hit the ball