About Helix Jumping

A fun and addicting 3D online game called Helix Jump is available for you to play. exciting ball-bouncing journey in a spiral maze. Try it today!

Helix Jump is a popular arcade game loved and appreciated by many players. Why is a game with simple graphics and gameplay like Helix Jump Online so beloved by so many people? You will have the answer to this question right at the start of the game. It is a unique new way of playing that makes you enjoy this game. It is completely different from other ball games. The spiral maze is also a unique creation point of the game Helix Jump Online. To be able to conquer all levels of this game, you need to practice good reflexes. You will get used to the jumping speed of the ball and control it easily.

In the online game Helix Jump, your goal is to steer your ball through the spiral maze and safely land at the bottom. Make sure the ball doesn't land in the dead spot by avoiding all the barriers. In this game, you lose when your ball lands on a different color. Enjoy the excitement of a ball dropping. Click the breakpoints on the platform to break the following point. To unlock new skins in this entertaining online game, collect coins while you try to earn a high score. If you fail, your score will drop to 0, so make an effort to succeed.

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How to play

You use the mouse to play the game Helix Jump. Rotate the spiral maze to choose the drop point of the ball.