Doodle Dunk

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About Doodle Dunk

Doodle Dunk is a most loved 3D puzzle basketball game. Your task is to throw the ball into the basket but it is not easy because you need to solve puzzles and find other ways to get the ball into the high basket.

Doodle Dunk game is the perfect combination of basketball and puzzle games. gives players a whole new basketball experience. If you are a lover of either of these genres or like both of them, this is the game you should try right now. Experience a basketball team match puzzle to get the ball into the basket. Use your situation analysis skills in this game. Try to find the best way to get the ball into the basket. There will be increasing challenges after each level, so you need to overcome your own limits.


  • Unique basketball game
  • The basketball game combines puzzles.
  • The most loved amazing 3D basketball game.
  • Beautiful and cute graphics.
  • Increasing difficulty creates challenges for players.
  • Fun realistic sounds.