About Drift Bike Racing Duel

The extreme racing challenge is about to start at the Drift Bike Racing Duel game. Join now to experience the most thrilling and exciting racing.

Are you a racer who loves adventure? Indeed, adventurous races always bring more excitement to players than any other race in the world. Bike Racing Duel game will give you such experiences. But the ride phase and the location of the track will surprise you because it is extremely new and adventurous. You can only feel all the great things when you start racing at today's most popular racing game, Drift Bike Racing Duel. You also try the Getaway Shootout game to have more thrill and joy with online games on our website.

You are equipped with an off-road motorcycle and all you need to do is conquer the set of adventurous top tracks. If you are confident and brave enough, join immediately. If you are a professional racer, these challenges will not be difficult for you. Try to drive for as long as possible and show off your flying skills, balance, or even acrobatic stunts.

Like the Drift F1 game, Bike Racing Duel has simple mechanics, easy controls, and fun gameplay. It includes many terrains and upgraded functions waiting for you to explore. Try to collect as many coins on the track as you can use to unlock many new cars and maps. All maps are very difficult terrain to race, so you need to really upgrade your racing skills after each level.

How to control

  • Player 1: To accelerate and decelerate, press the W key and the S key. Press the A, and D keys to keep balance.
  • Player 2: To accelerate and decelerate, press the UP-DOWN ARROW keys. Keep balance by the LEFT-RIGHT ARROW keys.