Drifty Master

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About Drifty Master

Drifty Master is a car driving game where you have to control your car in order to avoid other vehicles at high speed. The goal of each level is to steer your car without touching any obstacles.

This game will bring wonderful experiences like Basket Random, Dirt Bike Rally, and Geometry Dash Meltdown. Come to this game to enjoy your free time with fast and thrilling races.

Besides that, this game will not disappoint you when it provides impressive gameplay and graphics.

How to play Drifty Master

Racing cars is a common motif in video games. Every boy dreams of racing a car down the highway. Drifty Master is currently traveling! You'll drive a car to get about swiftly.

If you want to avoid getting hit and having to slow down, pay strict attention to avoid the other vehicle. The nitrogen gas bottles will help you accelerate quickly, so don't forget to collect them.