About Drive Mad

Drive Mad is an extremely interesting monster truck control game. There are many levels, and you will have to overcome challenging roads to reach the finish line.

Start to experience tough tracks in the Drive Mad game. If you are really interested in trucks. This game is a great suggestion for you. Do you want to conquer the challenging tracks in this game? When you reach a level, you will continue on to the next level with more difficult challenges. Drive Mad good game with 100 levels with increasing difficulty. Wish you conquer 100 challenging roads here. Prove you're an ear your truck driver!

How to master your truck

Drive Mad is a 3D game with physics-based mechanics. All movements are depicted in the most realistic way. That's why you need to practice with this mechanism to master the speed of this monster truck.

The first level, the challenge will be easy to overcome. but you will have to upgrade the steering wheel through each level. The ramps and obstacles are increased in difficulty. You need to have really professional control to conquer it.