Drunkers Fight 2P


 Drunkers Fight 2P is a hilarious and entertaining sport and arcade game. Your mission is to control your drunken character to join online basketball matches.

 This game is great for participating in basketball games when you are unable to play real basketball games. In this game, you'll transform into a drunk and take part in basketball games with other players. To be the winner, you must score a goal and get two points first.

 The game features two game modes, including one player and two players. In 1P mode, you'll play basketball matches against the computer to help you hone your skills while you can play with your friends or relatives in 2P mode. This game is predicted to bring you wonderful moments after long workdays. Let's start Drunkers Fight 2P and enjoy!

Features of Drunkers Fight 2P

  • Exciting sport and arcade game
  • Two game modes
  • Colorful graphics and cool art animations

How to control

Player 1 

  • Move: A-D Keys  
  • Shoot: W-S Keys 

Player 2 

  • Move: Left-Right Arrow Keys 
  • Shoot: Up-Down Arrow keys