About Duck Hunt

Relevant information about Duck Hunt

Game rule

Duck Hunt is a funny shooting retro game featuring many rounds. Try to aim accurately and shoot down all the flying ducks to score as many points as possible.

Play this game to transform into a professional duck hunter. As a hunter, you have a dog which will sniffle the smell of the duck and find out them in the bush. After the dog jump into the bush, the duck will fly in the sky in order. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down all ducks. Keep in mind that you have only 3 bullets for each duck. If you run out of bullets, the duck will fly away. If you can't shoot the duck, the duck symbol on the bottom of the screen will turn to white and the dog will laugh at you. Reversely, if you are able to shoot the duck and the duck fall to the ground, you will score 1000 points and the duck symbol will turn red. There is a total of 10 ducks that you have to kill. Do your best to kill all ducks to get the highest possible score.

Three modes including 1 Duck, 2 Duck and Clay Pigeon Shooting are available for gameplay in this game. If you choose the 1 Duck mode, you will see only one duck flying at a time. If you select the 2 Duck mode, two ducks will fly at once. For the Clay Pigeon Shooting mode, your objective is to shoot down the clay pigeons which are launched away from your perspective into the distance.

How to control

  • Press Enter to play
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot

Questions Frequently Asked

1. What happens if the dog gets a shot in Duck Hunt?

If you shoot at the dog, his face will be damaged. After that, the dog has to wear a cast and uses crutches. He will say "Ouch! Shoot the ducks, not me!". Actually, the dog has an important role in this game, so you should not shoot at him.

2. Who created Duck Hunt?

This game was created by Nintendo RD1 Intelligent Systems. It was initially released in North American arcades in 1984

3. Where can I play this game?

It game is available in the web browser. You can play it on the PC with your friends or relatives.