About Dunk Fall

Dunk Fall is an extremely interesting basketball game. Your task is to touch so that the ball hits the basket to score points while the ball is suspended by a rope.

A fun basketball shooting video game called Dunk Fall. Let us know how many points you can score in this wild 3D game. Dunk Fall introduces a new mechanic into the world of basketball. The suspension of the ball from a moving rope was the only problem. Good luck finding the perfect time to get all the balls through the circle!

With Dunk Fall, your goal is to make as many baskets as possible by clicking to release the ball. The balloon's course should be followed. When to shoot is essential. Your objective is to aim and hit the ball precisely so that it enters the hoop and results in a basket while using basketballs that are suspended from a rope above the hoop. To earn extra points, toss the ball over the edge of the wall. As many points as you can, keep chucking the ball into the ring.


To tap and drop the basketball at the precise moment during the play, players must have excellent timing and focus.

How to play

Click to release the ball.