About Extreme Cycling

Extreme Cycling is a thrilling bicycle racing game. Your aim is to control your bicycle to overcome your obstacles and opponents and cross the finish line.

Are you keen on racing on a bicycle? Extreme Cycling is a perfect fit for you. Control your bike to avoid dangerous obstacles on the road. Try not to ride off the racetrack. Increase your speed to ride over your opponents. Be careful because they can attack you during the race. Of course, you also can hit them to eliminate them. Try your best to be the first one to cross the finish line. If you win, you can level up and earn a ton of coins to purchase your favorite helmet in the shop. Click to start the race now! Are you the best bike racer?

Especially, the sound effects and graphics of this game are very excellent. You can even hear birds and wind blowing sounds, which brings you a realistic experience when racing.

Features of Extreme Cycling

  • Various racetracks
  • A shop selling different types of helmets
  • Realistic 3D graphics and an original soundtrack

How to control

  • Use the mouse or “ARROW KEYS” to control