About Extreme Golf

Extreme Golf is a great game for golf lovers. This is a great combination of stickman character and golf sport. You have 8 turns and try to score as many points as you can.

Features of the Extreme Golf game

  • Simple gameplay and easy controls
  • The exciting sports game based on the golf
  • 8 turns to challenge yourself with this sports
  • Gain the highest score to win
  • Need the high accuracy
  • Improve your aiming skills

Play the fun Golf theme game now to experience a whole new playing field. Unlike other sports games like the Pill Volley game, you will experience the feeling of playing golf with the club. Control the hitter to make precise shots to put the ball into the hole and score. This game is not difficult but requires high accuracy. If you are confident in your golf skills then play and beat the records here to prove it!

8 balls in the Extreme Golf game 

You have 8 balls to use in the game of Extreme Golf. Getting the most points possible is the deciding factor to win. To score points, put the ball in the hole. You will lose the ball if you miss the hole. Your score will be added to the Lagged leaderboard whenever you run out of marbles. Keep playing this fun online golf game.

How to control: Use the mouse and left click to align the shot, release to launch the shot