About Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk is an attractive basketball sports game in which your mission is to throw a ball into various baskets. Try to gain the highest score!

In this game, you will have the opportunity to participate in playing basketball one of the most loved sports in the world. However, in this game, you will not play basketball in the usual way. Instead of playing with 1 ball and 1 basket, you will play with 1 ball with many baskets. Your task is to tap the screen or left-click to make your ball bounce and move forward. You need to adjust the force with light or strong left mouse clicks and calculate the number of clicks to ensure the ball can enter the baskets. After you score, you must immediately control the same ball to get to the next basket. There are infinitely many baskets and they are arranged consecutively. Try to score as many goals as you can and get the highest score. The game is endless if you don't throw the slide ball. You only need to miss 1 time, the game will start again.

By joining this game, you can enjoy the exciting gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and amazing effects. You can enjoy beautiful backgrounds that change every time you enter the game. You can see the sunrise over the hills and also see sunsets on the sea and islands. Wishing you a nice relaxing time!

Features of Flappy Dunk

  • Addictive gameplay and easy controls
  • Infinite game round
  • Cool graphics and effects

How to control

  • Tap or click your mouse.