Flip Goal

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About Flip Goal

Flip Goal is a fun soccer game where you will play soccer in teams. Your task is to score as many goals as possible to win.

Flip Goal is a fun physics platform game. It's not like a regular soccer match. You will be amazed at the graphics and gameplay of this game. And this is not an easy challenge for you either. Because you need to get used to the unique way of playing.

In the menu of football teams, you can choose your favorite team. The goal of the game is to become the champion of this exciting soccer tournament. It would be great if you could help your team win the world championship.


  • When the game starts you will need to aim well. Targeting is easy because you are supported by the lines. But to be able to score you need to get the ball past all the opponents without being stopped by any situation.
  • Try to predict where the goalkeeper and the opposing team's players will move to race the correct shot to goal and score.
  • When you win, you will be rewarded with coins. You can use them to buy new balls and improve your stadium.