Food Roll

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About Food Roll

Control the rolling ball while collecting food in the incredibly addictive game called Food Roll. Get the game's highest score right now!

Are you ready to take part in a rollerball game at the Food Roll game right now? A completely novel and addictive rolling ball game. The ball has been turned into a cute treat. It is completely different from other rolling ball games. Players are completely delighted with these novelties. How many points can you get in this game? There are many incredible records set by players. Wish you all the best in this amazing Food Roll game.

You will begin the game with a little ball and roll continuously through all the blocks. To raise your score as rapidly as possible, grab helper items like magnets or x2 along the road. In order to prevent losing your life, you must also dodge a number of hazards, including logs obstructing the path and eating animals with enormous mouths. Your ball will get bigger as you roll further, so you'll need better ball skills to avoid running into any potentially harmful obstructions. To gain access to magical stuff, take on more demanding tasks.

How to play

Mouse click to left or right to move.