About Four In A Row

 Four In A Row belongs to the classic board game genre. Your task is to drop the squares to be able to create 4 squares of the same color horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

 One of the most popular strategy games is Four in a Row. Like in Chess, the brain must be used. In the game Four In A Row, your goal is to figure out how to defeat your opponent by strategically planning your movements. To understand what your opponent is planning, you must consider his movements. Consider how your opponent will react to your next move as you make your plans. It is preferable to try to divert your opponent by making them block your move elsewhere if you keep an eye on a specific area of the board.

 Simply choose the column in which you want to put your checkers. You will win if you complete 4 squares of the same color, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, before your opponent. The middle column must be present in any four-part horizontal or diagonal sequence. So there are more opportunities for the player in control of the middle column to link the four pieces together. Early in the game, you should place as many pieces in the center as you can, and then construct your lines around there.

How to play

Click on the column you want to place your move.