About Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin' is an energetic music game in which your goal is to sense the beat and strike the appropriate notes at the appropriate moments. Enjoy some fantastic rock music!

Unlike,, and Battle Of Karin, this game is a single-player game. It is similar to Basket Random.

How to play the Friday Night Funkin' game

The protagonist of the game, Boyfriend, must triumph in a singing and rapping competition in order to win the girl he loves and get a chance to date her. Every week, new villains will try to stop you from succeeding in the task and falling in love with your lover. You and your partner will finally be together if we work together to defeat them.

You must use your superior musical skills to win the battle by using the right note patterns at the right times.

Use arrow keys to play this game. It is simple to play but challenging to master because the music in this game is fast. It is difficult to hit correctly. You should practice many times to gain the highest score.