About Go Kart Go Ultra

Welcome to the exciting Go Kart Go Ultra racing. This is a race with the main characters, who are lovely cartoon characters. Get in your racing car and start racing!

Get ready to go karting and start your engine! The crazy animals are all back, and this time they're going karting. Use your best driving abilities and pick your favorite animal. Get your pals together and compete in the two-player racing mode. Here, you may watch amazing races with farm animals who enjoy driving go-karts. They started doing this years ago and have since enjoyed racing fast karts and winning championships. Win a Go Kart Go race!

Your mission in the game Go Kart Go is to help your character win competitions. Choose an animal from the available options to start the contest. There are 7 players in each race, and their photos all feature 7 distinct animals. Both single-player and two-player versions of the game are offered. You have to complete a predetermined number of laps to cross the finish line first while showing off your best. You can collect the necessary stars to unlock more animals in the race. Show off your racing skills by completing each level to unlock each animal.