About Grinch Chase Santa

Play as Santa Claus this Christmas in the Grinch Chase Santa game! You will be able to control Santa Claus to ride the ATV around the street.

As the Christmas season draws near, we offer you a brand-new Christmas game in which you'll ride in a car with Santa while being trailed by the eccentric Grinch. Evil is attempting to ruin Christmas. Santa is no longer accompanied by his sleigh and reindeer in our advanced Grinch Chase Santa game. Driving a fantastic ATV across the icy streets. The Grinch has stolen a motorcycle, and the pursuit is now underway.

In the game Grinch Chase Santa, your goal is to assist Santa in driving the ATV across the icy streets and travel far to earn a high score. Assist Santa in overcoming all of the upcoming challenges. You must simultaneously work to earn various incentives or gold coins that can be later used to purchase a new stroller. Additionally, you can earn rewards by completing the game's tasks. So play this game now!

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How to play

You use the arrow keys to control Santa's ATV car.