Head Soccer 2022


 Head Soccer 2022 is an arcade game in which you kick the ball in the opponent’s net. The more points you score, the more chance you get to be a winner. 

 Come to the game, you have to score to the net. Use arrows or WASD keys to move the character and Z, X keys or 1,2 keys to kick the ball. You only have 1 minute to get more points than the opponent. You can play single or play with your friend because there are 2 modes to choose from. The characters are diversified and they all are well-known football players in the world. You should plan a strategy before kicking the ball because sometimes, the ball will fly back into your net. 

 Let’s try the game with your friend to have fun together. You can play the game to kill the time. If you are a big fan of soccer games, Head Soccer 2022 should be on your favourite list. 

 Features of Head Soccer 2022

  • Kick the ball in the net
  • The time of a match is 1 minute
  • Suitable for all age groups

 How to control

  • Use arrows or WADS to move
  • Press Z, X or 1,2 keys to kick