Heli Battle

7 votes 4.5/5

About Heli Battle

Heli Battle is an intriguing fighting action game using a helicopter. Knock down your opponents or collide with your enemies in the above position to win.

Transform into a helicopter to fight and win when you get 10 points first. To win points, you need to destroy your enemies by collecting bullets and shooting your opponents. Ammo will automatically fire. Besides, you can also hit your opponent, but your position must be higher than your opponent's to win points. In addition, you also need to avoid colliding with the 2 boundaries at the top and bottom to avoid self-explosion and death.

Thanks to competitive gameplay, easy controls, and simple mechanics, this game is suitable for all ages. Press and hold the left mouse or the spacebar to go up and release to go down. Note that the helicopter will automatically move and cannot go backward.

Features of Heli Battle

  • The competitive action game for singleplayer
  • Collect ammo to eliminate your opponents
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics

How to control

  • Press and hold the mouse left button or the spacebar to ascend
  • Release it to descend