Horse Racing 2D


 Horse Racing 2D is an exciting sports game based on the horse racing theme. You must compete with other horse to reach the finish line first and gain victory.

 Welcome to the funny racing game where you have an opportunity to experience interesting horse races for multiplayer! In this running game, your mission is to control your horse and compete with your opponents to reach the destination first. You will win if you are the first people who gain this goal. In order to run fast, you should dash stamina by pressing the dash button. The stamina bar will decrease after each press and it also can recure within a certain time. Therefore, use the stamina-increasing ability suitably.

 This racing game has various horses. Choose your favourite horse and race. In particular, when you select a horse, it will have a unique race for you to compete in. Which racing track do you like more? Experience and enjoy this intriguing racing game!

 Features of Horse Racing 2D

  • The competitive racing sports game
  • Various horses and maps
  • Colorful graphics and cool effects

 How to control

  • Click on the dash button on the screen to speed up