About Ice Man 3D

Play Ice Man 3D to engage in battles with thugs. You have special abilities. You can shoot ice with your two hands. Use your unique ability to fight the villains and protect the city's peace.

The Ice Man 3D game is a fun game like Hellcopter, Giant Wanted, and Basket Random. In these games, you can enjoy intense competition and fight to protect yourself. Especially, if you are a fan of action games, these games are a must in your game list. They will give you a wonderful and relaxing experience after a stressful working day.

How to play the Ice Man 3D game

In this intriguing casual game, you'll play the part of The Ice Man. With your truly amazing control over the elements, you can easily freeze the completely evil hooligans to death. Are you willing to help the cold-blooded superhero protect the city from violent men? Overpower your opponents by utilizing your frosty skills!