About Letter Boom Blast

Letter Boom Blast is a great game that combines pure baseball arcades and word puzzles. Let's experience this great game right now and gain victory!

Letter Boom Blast will bring you a great entertainment time. You have a baseball and you need to have baseball skills. Also but puzzles will need you to think. Your goal in this fun game is to help the red stickman baseball player hit the ball towards the blocks and run to the finish line. If you are a smart person, Letter Boom Blast will not be difficult for you.

So how to solve the puzzle? The blocks of letters are displayed on the running track. and you need to try to see which letters are unnecessary in a sequence. To pass the obstacle and move forward, you need to blast all the wrong letters out of the obstacle from the cube. If you find the right and wrong lines of the letters, they will be destroyed immediately and you will be closer to the finish line. Puzzle-solving and run-to-destination gameplay is a new take on our website games. You will often see sports or shooting games like the Rooftop Snipers game.

Puzzle Gameplay of the Letter Boom Blast game 

The game Letter Boom Blast consists of 3D stickman baseball players and yellow letter blocks. The track wouldn't be fun without the puzzle. And hitting the right shots is also important. Puzzles will make you smarter and agile in the use of words. That has been proven very clearly. So Letter Boom Blast is rated as one of the healthiest and most rewarding games.

How to control

  • Drag aim at the crossword you want to destroy
  • Release the mouse to launch a shot