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About Military Shooter Training

Play Military Shooter Training to become a sniper right now! You can also practice your aiming skills and experience 3 training modes in this amazing game.

Do you want to become a sniper right now in the Military Shooter Training game? You can also practice your aiming skills in this amazing game.

You will experience the feeling of participating in the training course of excellent marksmen. Do you want your aiming skills to be the ultimate? I think anyone would love this. You will be required to attend a professional training course and have many challenges. The difficulty will increase gradually after rounds of training and your level will also improve and progress. This game will help you improve your shooting skills like when you play the Getaway Shootout game! In the military, the ability to aim and shoot is indispensable. Therefore, you should practice this ability with this fun game. It not only helps you to improve your shooting technique but also keeps you entertained. This game is a great way of entertainment.

Aim and shoot!

Military Shooter Training is a great game where you can aim and shoot. Simple but very attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics will bring you great experiences when participating in the training course in this game. You just need to use your gun to shoot at the target. You will be successful if you complete the missions of different modes.

In order to aim, you press and hold the left mouse button. You can move around to find the target point. The highest point is point 10. Try to aim correctly in this play and release your mouse button to shoot.

A tip for playing this training game

In addition, there is a tip for you to gain a high score in this Military Shooter Training game. The gameplay is simple and easy to make shots towards the target. But the thing to note in this game is that you need to be patient and careful to get a high score. This tip is drawn from the experiences of many different players. Of course, you can completely decide whether to use this tip or not.

Exciting features you should know

Game modes

  • This game has 3 different modes: Stage, Time Race, and Multiplayer. Each mode will give you a different experience, These modes are opened in parallel and you can play any mode you want.
  • Stage mode takes you to different shooting practice sessions. You will practice aiming and shooting at each level. There are 600 different levels in the Military Shooter Training game. Each level is a challenge. Higher levels are usually more difficult than previous levels. In particular, you should pay attention to the levels in red. Those are challenging levels with much higher difficulty. You will encounter difficulties while playing this mode. Note that you have limited time to view
  • Time Race mode will take you to a fight with speed. You need quick reflexes to aim and shoot the targets as quickly as possible, The more targets you hit, the higher your score is. The mode of this game will have a fast tempo like the game Basket Random. You will need to take advantage of every second to score points.
  • Multiplayer mode takes you to battle with many other players on many different maps. You can choose an easy, normal, or hard level to play.

Equid and Shop

You will receive coins after each play. Use this coin to buy weapons and other items. You can purchase various items like Rifle, Bullet, Red dot, Gear, and Item. These new items will help your gun improve with the ability to aim more accurately. However, there are some items that require you to complete a certain level before unlocking them.


This game also grants you 2 boosters. You can play in windless mode or close the gap with these 2 boosters. Activate them by pressing the 2 buttons below the equip button during each match.