Mini Flips Plus

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About Mini Flips Plus

Join the exciting arcade game Mini Flips Plus now! Your task is to collect all the coins in the level by controlling the character to overcome obstacles.

Are you ready to join the exciting adventure in Mini Flips Plus? Start your voyage into the pixel world now, complete with jelly opponents, magical gateways, and eternal flames! Simply by hopping, you can accomplish everything in this universe! By planning your jumps and avoiding dangers, you can traverse an entire kingdom! There are more than 166 levels and two modes on this planet. With its distinctive levels and difficulties, Mini Flips Plus is here to put your endurance, quickness, and strategic thinking to the test! Make a small ball leap at the proper moment so it can move left and right on the platform. Explore a classic arcade environment, gather all the money, escape danger, and use portals!

The speed mode can be unlocked after a brief ad or right away in the level mode. Before attempting your shot at speed runs, it would be wise to practice with levels first. The world teaches you your earliest, fundamental movements. Your character must time his or her jump while moving back and forth across the level. Then you pick up portal use and play about with gravity. Your character's physics is altered by portals, allowing you to stand and walk upside down. To dodge traps and get all the gold coins, use them wisely!

How to play

To jump, click left or press the C key. To use the arrow panels, press either Space or Right Click.