About Mini Heads Party

Mini Heads Party is an ideal game for enthusiasts of mini-games. In this game, you can play many games for 1 player or 2 players to relax and reduce stress.

In this game, you can play alone or invite friends to play together. There are modes for 1 player and 2 players. You can choose 1Player mode to play and compete against the CPU to improve your personal skills or compete with another player when participating in 2 Player mode. 2 Player mode promises to bring you great relaxing moments when you can experience attractive games with your friends.

You can experience 5 mini-games. In the first game, you need to score 5 goals first to win. You will play a soccer game with two players and an ice hockey ball. The second game is to catch chickens. Whoever catches more chickens is the winner. You need to catch each chicken and bring it back to the coop in turn to score points. The third game is the cooking game. You need to compete to serve more customers than your competitors to win. There are dishes you need to cook before serving, there are foods that don't. So you need to be wise to choose which dish to serve first to win more points. The fourth game is the game of avoiding monsters. You need to avoid being eaten by monsters. The winner is the one who survives longer. The ultimate game is to avoid ghosts. You need to avoid being caught by ghosts. Survive longer to win. Ghost avoidance game is only available in 2 Player mode. Besides, you can choose your favorite color for your character.

Features of Mini Heads Party

  • The attractive arcade game
  • 2 game modes with different mini-games
  • Select your favorite colors for your character

How to control

  • WASD / Arrows = move