Monster Rush

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About Monster Rush

The amazing Monster Rush monster-collecting running game is waiting for you to join. Gather a collection of powerful monsters to battle your opponents!

Do you love Pokemon monsters? If you are a fan of this amazing animated adventure then this is a definite game you should try. You will come to the world of the most amazing Pokemon. There is only one running track. It brings you to a field for the most talented Pkemon trainers. To get to this competition you need to go a long way and on this road you have the opportunity to collect Pokemon for yourself. Are you ready to participate in an exciting Pokemon match? Let's start the journey to capture Pokemon now!

Who will be the most talented Pokemon trainer? Your task in this exciting adventure game is to capture the monsters lying in the balls so that they can unleash their power. However, you need to run and overcome obstacles while trying to find a monster with your new monster friends. Get ready for a monster battle that awaits you at the end of the run!


  • Don't let the obstacles carry you on your journey to the monster battle that lies ahead. Keep moving forward!
  • The important thing in this great adventure game is that you need to unleash the power of the monsters you have captured on the run.
  • Try to make the most appropriate choices to build your battle team and power up ready to become a champion!