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About Pacman

Pacman gives players the thrill of engaging in chases in an enclosed maze. Here you will become a yellow circle and your task will be to eat all the dots placed in the maze. Let's get away from the four colored ghosts in this maze. They can kill your character. Are you ready to escape from the dangerous ghosts and collect all dots in the maze? If yes, let’s play the game now.

Game history

This game was initially named Puck Man in Japan. It was developed by Namco in 1980. It was more common and was released by Midway Manufacturing in North America. Now, this game is playable on web browsers.

Find out about four ghosts in Pacman

  • Blinky directly chases Pacman
  • Pinky and Inky try to corner Pacman
  • Clyde will switch between chasing Pacman and running away from him.

Pacman gameplay

In this game, if you eat all the dots, you will advance to the next level. You can follow the level through the fruit icons at the bottom of the screen. Also, you can watch funny Pacman videos as you level up.

Some big flashing "energizers" or "power pellets" are located at the corners of the maze. When eating them, the ghost will turn blue. At this time, they will move very slowly because of dizziness. Pacman can eat these blue ghosts for bonus points. The killed ghosts will live again and begin to function normally. The effects of energizers and power pellets are only for a short time and then the blue ghosts will return to normal. The sign is that you will see them blinking.

The game will be more and more difficult when you proceed to the level. The ghost will move quickly. The duration of the effects of the energy tablets will also be shorter.

Game control: Use the arrow keys to steer Pacman