Penalty Challenge Multiplayer


 Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is a sports game based on the soccer theme. You are a player and a goalkeeper to goal scores as well as prevent your enemies.

 In this game, you have the opportunity to be a player and a goalkeeper at the same time. There are two teams playing football and they need the penalty half to decide the winner. Help your home team and stop the opposing team. Try to score the most goals in those 5 penalties. When being a player, swipe to kick the ball. Besides, you will also become a goalkeeper. Let’s tap the screen to let the opponent kick. Fool your opponent in the direction you will move to make it easier to win.

 Before starting the official battle, you can choose your favourite team to participate in professional penalties. Are you confident about your soccer skills? Let’s start this game and show your brave!

 Features of Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

  • The attractive sports game
  • Multiplayer
  • Various soccer teams

 How to control

  • Player: swipe to kick the ball
  • Goalkeeper: tap the screen to let the opponent kick