Pill Soccer


Pill Soccer is a soccer game in which you have to control your character to play soccer in a duel battle. Try to get more points in a limited time to win!

Welcome to the Pill Soccer game where you can experience interesting soccer battles with other players! This game will provide you with a new way to play soccer while relaxing and reducing stress.

This game has three game modes, including Quick Match, Two-Player, and Tournament. In Quick Match mode, you will match randomly with another player to compete in 90 seconds. The person getting more points in a limited time will win. In Two-Payer mode, you can invite one more player to play together with the rule of more scores in 90 seconds. In particular, you need to use diamonds to unlock battles in Tournament mode and compete in a professional tournament.

You can unlock new characters in the shop using gems.

Features of Pill Soccer

  • The exciting sports game
  • 3 game modes
  • Compete in 90 seconds

How to control

Player 1

  • Up arrow key to jump
  • Left and right arrow keys to move left and right
  • P key or down arrow key to kick
  • Z key to use super bonus

Player 2

  • W key to jump
  • A and D keys to move left and right
  • S key or the spacebar to kick
  • K key to use super bonus