Pro Wrestling Action


 Join the amazing wrestling game Pro Wrestling Action now. Make accurate punches to knock down your opponent and become the winner.

 An exciting wrestling tournament is going on and waiting for you to enter. You will have to face the strongest opponents to come to the championship. The skills to hit and dodge attacks are really necessary. And it will be a big mistake if you want to be a champion but don't have these skills. But don't worry you can practice and practice to improve.
 Get ready for a cool match! Punch, kick and struggle to be the last one standing. When your opponent falls, that's when you win. Make a lot of attack posts and dangerous positions so that your opponents quickly surrender.

  • How to perform a spectacular feat? Use your momentum Climbing the rope, your jump timing, and lunge at your opponent.
  • Note Collect coins to upgrade your favorite wrestler in the store. This will make your attacks more powerful.
  • When your enemies fall to the ground, it's time to throw them out of the arena.