About Real Chess

Join the chess tournament in the game Real Chess

Chess is the world's most famous abstract strategic game. Are you a fan of this amazing mind game? Join the game Real Chess to enjoy the great mind show of a mind game. Real Chess simulates the most realistic chess game. You don't need to have a chess board to be able to play this game anywhere and anytime you want.

Real Chess game modes

You don't even need a companion in this game. You can absolutely choose to play against the machine. The Chess game has two game modes for you to choose from. you can play together with your friend on one computer. This chess match will be played between people. The remaining game mode is 1 Player. You can play this mode if you don't have friends or if anyone can compete with you. You will be participating in a king match with the robot.

How to conquer this difficult intellectual challenge

  • To conquer the challenge in the game Real Chess, you need to be a skilled chess player. You need to understand all the pieces and their moves.
  • You need to have an overview of the game and your opponent's moves.
  • Do not be subjective, because every time your opponent makes a move, it may also be his intention to attack.
  • You should try to destroy as many of your opponent's pieces as possible. Then the check-in will be easier.