Rugby 2021


 Rugby 2021 is a superb sports game. In this game, your mission is to keep and guide a  ball to reach the destination safely by avoiding obstacles.

 Welcome to the world of rugby where you can take part in football pitching matches. You no longer have to compete with many people at the same time. In this game, we give you a chance to participate in a rugby simulation game in a unique way. You will hold the ball and run while avoiding collisions with obstacles such as fences, iron frames and bridges. You can run to your partner's position to continue racing, or you can throw the ball to make the game more interesting. Besides, remember to collect gold. After each successful round, you will get points and unlock new rugby balls. Good luck!

 This sports game is suitable for all ages. You can play this game to relax or get used to this sport. Try to complete all levels in this game!

 Features of Rugby 2022

  • The superb and attractive sports game
  • Level up
  • Various races and obstacles

 How to control

  • Hold and slide the mouse left button to move and keep the ball
  • Release it to throw the ball