Rugby Rush


 Rugby Rush is an intriguing action sports game. Your mission is to run to the finish line while avoiding colliding with other players of opposite teams.

 Run and reach the finish line! This is your main mission in this game. You will transform into a rugby player number 21to participate in rugby competitions where you have to try to keep your ball and avoid the attack of other players. Use the right and left arrow keys to avoid opposite players and press the spacebar to jump. You can use arrow keys when your opponents are far and you have enough time to avoid them. If your enemies are close to you, you can jump to overcome them. Choose the most suitable way to move to the destination safely.

 You can select your favorite team and compete as a professional player in this team. When fighting, you will compete with many other countries. Try to win and conquer all levels in this sports game!

 Features of Rugby Rush

  • The interesting sports game
  • Level up
  • Singleplayer

 How to control

  • Use right and left arrow keys to move right and left
  • Press the spacebar to jump