About Run 3

 In Run 3, you will experience running and jumping through dangerous tunnels in space! You will control your character by running along the wall to find your safe path.

 A lost alien is running through a space tunnel to find his way back to his planet. Try to run through the levels with the aliens! As you progress through the levels, watch out for falling bricks, holes, traps, and other hazards. Touching the wall will make the screen rotate. This never-ending, thrilling action game leads you on a dangerous quest in a confined area. The little gray alien needs your help in navigating through different environments. Find the safest path along any wall, then see how long you can survive!

 There are two game modes available for Run 3: exploration mode and infinite mode. To add extra levels to your Galaxy Map, choose Explore Mode. Along the journey, runners will have the chance to meet new people and experience a variety of unique tunnels and locations.


  • If you're having trouble with a level on the galaxy map, try a couple of runs through the endless tunnels. There are several challenges because the tunnels are never the same.
  • Regulate your leap. You can jump higher and for a longer period of time by holding down the up arrow key.
  • A tiny jump can be made by tapping the up arrow on platforms with a small gap in the middle.


  • The most well-liked running recreation
  • There is no cap on how much practice you can get in.
  • Infinite mode is useful for practice as well as gathering energy tiles and unlocking characters!
  • Beautiful new images.
  • New challenges arose.
  • Additional Superpowers
  • More achievements
  • Each character has a unique set of abilities.