Slam Dunk Basketball


 Slam Dunk Basketball is a great basketball game. Here you will be participating in a fun and exciting 1v1 solo basketball game between 2 athletes.
 Slam Dunk Basketball match is the most dramatic and exciting match ever. At a professional basketball court. You will be playing the role of a basketball player. You will compete with 1 other player.
 Slam Dunk Basketball game includes 2 game modes for you to choose from. You can play in 2-player mode if playing with your friends and relatives. It will be fun to play this game with friends. If you are playing alone, choose a single-player mode and you will be competing against the server. In this mode, the match will still take place very fun and dramatic.


  • This is a real-time match!
  • The most loved basketball game.
  • There are many different ways to shape your basketball skills.
  • There are very fair game rules.
  • Exciting 1v1 solo game.

How to play

  • Player controls 1:
    W - Throw the ball
    A - Move left
    D - Move to the right.
  • Player controls 2:
    Up Arrow - Throw the ball
    Left Arrow - Move
    left to right arrow - Move right