Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball

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About Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball

Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball is one of the most amazing rolling ball games. In the allotted time, control the magnet ball to absorb all the surrounding debris.

Are you ready to join the exciting online game Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball right now? Do you enjoy using magnets for play? It's interesting how it feels like you're sucking everything in. The game Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball is the ideal recommendation for you if you enjoy this sensation. You'll utilize magnets to complete tasks in this entertaining magnet game. This game combines a gravity physics engine with the rollerball gaming genre. A fantastic game that guarantees to provide you with fantastic experiences!

Large constructions' magnets will now have less force. Suck up all the debris that falls out of the ball when you bring it up near the building. Reduce the number of bars you eat in the time it takes you to gather the ingredients. The magnet sphere moves more quickly the higher the maximum amount of bar intake you can set. So, go cautiously to respect boundaries. Keep in mind that you shouldn't be sucking into red cannons. It will be more difficult to suction up the debris if you avoid them and avoid pouring the building onto the red cannons.

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How to play

Use the arrow keys to control the direction of the ball rolling.