About Stick Archer Battle

Stick Archer Battle is a fun bow battle game based on a city war theme. Use infinite bows and arrows to eliminate your opponents and get 5 points first to win.

This game is the world of bow battles. Your mission is to exterminate other players to gain points. Get the five points first to be the champion. There is no benevolence. Let's make a choice between killing your enemies or dying.

This game is ideal for single-player and multiplayer because there are three game modes for everyone, including one player, 2 Players, and Deathmatch. You can play alone in 1 Player mode, invite your friends in 2Players mode and practice your skills in Deathmatch. Choose the most suitable model.

Features of Stick Archer Battle

  • Simple and attractive gameplay
  • Cool graphics and art animation
  • Various levels and modes
  • Many environments

How to control

  • Blue Player: W or Tap the button
  • Red Player: UP ARROW or Tab the button

Release Date

Jan 27, 2022