About Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D is an excellent playground for those who love football. Showcase your leadership skills and top-notch football abilities right now!

Unique player visuals

The game gives you a unique visual image of the players participating in the match. Unlike other football games, in this game, you will see fixed images of players on a circular podium. Although the images of the players are different, the essence of the game remains unchanged. The game adopts a minimalist art style, using simple stick figures with expressive gestures to represent the player, adding a humorous touch to the gameplay. This unique visual approach makes Stick Soccer 3D visually appealing and sets it apart from other soccer games on the market.

Player controls

The game features straightforward controls, with the objective of finding open spaces to score goals against the opposing team. Each team consists of 5 players. Each time you take a shot, you can choose one of the 5 players to execute the kick. Depending on the strategy and position of the player, you will aim the shot in the desired direction to score accurately. In a time span of 1 minute, the team that scores the most goals will emerge victorious.

Exciting and addictive sports game

In addition to the innovative and unique player visuals, Stick Soccer 3D also offers you a variety of gameplay modes and customization options. It is these standout features that make the game more exciting and addictive than ever before.

Multiple gameplay modes

The game provides various gameplay modes to keep you entertained. Whether you prefer quick matches or longer tournaments, there is a mode for every preference. Dive into the Quick Match mode to play regular games or challenge yourself in the Tournament mode to test your skills against increasingly difficult opponents. Additionally, the game features a Penalty Shootout mode where you can hone your penalty-taking skills and aim for the perfect shot.

Customization options

Personalization is an important aspect of any game, and Stick Soccer 3D delivers on that. You have the freedom to customize your team's appearance, including their jerseys and accessories. Create your dream team with unique colors and styles, making them stand out on the field and reflect your individuality.