About Stickman Battle Fight Warriors

Stickman Battle Fight Warriors is a Rock Hard Gladiators stickman action game with ragdoll physics. You have to fight your opponents with crazy moves.


  • Intense battles like the Drunken Boxing: Ultimate game
  • Several weapons to use against your enemies
  • Cooperate or compete with each other in two-player mode.
  • Fight stalking enemies while avoiding dangerous traps!
  • Even the simplest activities are made fun thanks to crazy ragdoll physics.
  • There are levels with different global settings and epic soundtracks.

Play Stickman Battle Fight Warriors alone or with a companion in two-player mode! If your opponent sits next to you to play together, it makes for an entertaining clash. With another participant, Stickman Battle Fight Warriors can be played cooperatively. By adding a second player, you can join forces with a friend and become the perfect Duo in career mode. There is a special two-player mode where you can also fight each other!

Obstacles in the Stickman Battle Fight Warriors game

There are some obstacles in your way. They will use swords, oversized boxing gloves, deadly acoustic guitars, and other dangerous weapons to attack you. Instead of rushing toward the finish line without a plan, it is important to learn how to attack them. Stickman Battle Fight Warriors lacks an attack button dedicated to attacks. Instead, you move your character's arms in different directions and cross your fingers that you're doing something correctly. Different types of weapons work more naturally than others.

How to control 

  • Player 1: Use WASD to control.
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys to control.