About Super Monster Run

In the game Super Monster Run, there are two different types of characters: players and monsters. Spike, Vida, or Zoe are three characters that the player can choose from. Each character must capture and train a unique collection of monsters. The monsters in the game are modeled after the famous cartoon Pokemon and have many of the same attributes. Drac, Katya, Lobo, Cleo, Jorge, and Frankie are some typical monster characters. Monsters can be improved to gain more strength and combat prowess. There are many stages in the game, and the challenge gets harder as you progress. Before the track ends, you must catch at least one monster. Otherwise, you will lose. On the monster selection screen, you can choose the monster you want to fight.

Mission in the game Super Monster Run

The mission in this game is like the beloved Pokemon cartoon. At the end of each race, you must capture monsters and strengthen them to fight other trainers. Arrow keys are used to move left and right. The E key is used to pick up orbs and throw them at monsters at the gate. Also, you have to accumulate as many coins as you can because you can use them to buy cool new skins and level up.