About Survival 456 But It's Impostor

In Survival 456 But It's Impostor adventure game, you will be involved in the simulation game series like the famous movie Squid Game.

If you are a fan of the famous movie Squid Game, you will definitely enjoy the game Survival 456 but it's an impostor. A series of challenges are waiting for you to conquer. You will be attracted and the game immediately has a lot of gameplay with different games. These games are familiar to everyone because they are inspired by familiar childhood games. You have to overcome the question to help your character survive. Because players who break the law or do not complete the mission will be fired by the squid soldiers immediately.

There are many engraved games in the game Survival 456 but it's an impostor. All are simulated based on the tricks in the movie Squid Game and also have new challenges added. Your service is to ensure that your character can complete the task without any errors. There are challenges that require you to win a certain number to join it. The victory is in the first challenges, but you will have difficulty in the following screens. Are you ready for this survival challenge? Start and play now!

How to play

Control the character according to the instructions at each level.