About Tecmo Bowl

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Tecmo Bowl is a sports game for all ages to join and enjoy entertaining moments. Control your team players and move a ball to the touchdown to gain points.


This game was first launched in 1996 by the National Football League Player Association. It was launched to give you insights into famous football teams. There are many famous teams that have appeared in this game. Besides, the players of that team will also be mentioned with the players' names and numbers. Find out about these teams before starting the official game.

List of 12 teams:

  • Indianapolis
  • NE
  • Jknsville
  • Denver
  • Buffalo
  • Pittsburgh
  • Carolina
  • San Francisco
  • Dallas
  • Philadelphia
  • Grnbay
  • Minnesota

Game modes

There are 2 modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. You can choose 1P mode to play alone and compete with the CPU. You can also play 2P mode to compete with other players. Each mode will bring a different experience to the player. 1P mode will help you train your playing ability but it is hard to beat CPU. 2P mode helps you to interact with opponents to create great relaxing moments. You can invite friends or relatives to join this mode.

How to play the Tecmo Bowl game

This game is a retro sports game with realistic game rules. You will control your team members to attack and defend. There is a ball that is the target. You must move this ball to the opponent team's touchdown to score. During the game, the team with the most points wins. Remember to block the attack from the opposing team.

In addition, this game will give you some strategies when incomplete passes happen. You can choose one of these strategies to continue the match. Wish you win in this masterful game!

How to control: Use arrow keys to move your players. Note that the game will choose the closest player to the ball.