About Threes

If you are a lover of the classic 2048 game, then you will definitely love Threes game. In the game Threes, you will face a more difficult challenge. You won't use even numbers like 2048. In the threes game, you'll be using odd numbers.

Surely everyone will have a good time playing the game of threes. The day game has simple gameplay. However, to get a high score, you have to use intelligence. The game allows you to compete with other players for scores on the leaderboard. If you can break the record, you will be at the top of the leaderboard in this game.

Rules you need to know before participating in this game

In the Threes game, with the rule that you first create 3 by adding the number 1 with 2, the numbers from 3 you will combine with the numbers of the same value to make a double. You will continue to pool numbers of the same value to create larger values. You will be allowed to combine games on the level until all the tiles on the screen have been filled. The game ends if you can't combine any more tiles. Your score will be the highest box value on this level.

Tips to get a high score in the game Threes

The numbers should be arranged from small to large in a single direction, while also following the suggestion of the next number to move so that it can be combined with the numbers already on the grid. To avoid a cluttered screen, try to arrange the larger number of tiles towards the center of the dimension you are organizing. Your eyes will get quicker and more flexible with practice, allowing you to move the numbers more quickly and efficiently than other players to achieve a high score.