About Tiles of the Simpsons

Tiles of the Simpsons is a mahjong jigsaw puzzle with characters from the popular animated series The Simpsons. Select the same images to destroy them.

TIles of The Simpsons is an interesting game with a theme character that is loved by many players. Do you love the Simpsons family? I bet you've seen this movie since it was famous and talked about by everyone. TIles of The Simpsons is a classic game that combines well-loved characters into the perfect game. If you are a fan of mahjong games, then TIles of The Simpsons is definitely a game you can't miss. TIles of The Simpsons is a completely different game genre from Plants VS Zombies and Gold Miner. You can absolutely play TIles of The Simpsons for hours.

In the game Tiles of the Simpsons, your goal is to remove every tile by matching ones of the same type to reveal The Simpsons' image. Two brick floors, one stacked, are present. Unlike traditional mahjong, Tiles of the Simpsons is not a mahjong game. Only unobstructed tiles can be connected, and they must also be close to one another. Additionally, you can clear tiles by combining more than two of them. Iconic figures like Homer, Bart, Lisa, and others are depicted on the tiles. The top tiles will drop to the bottom once you've cleared both layers. The tiles will automatically clear and you will receive the combination bonus if three or more fall on the same tile.