About Tiny Fishing

If you like fishing, then Tiny Fishing is a game you cannot ignore. Start the most exciting fishing trip ever. You play as an old man who loves fishing. Your character appears on a small boat. The first thing you imagine when starting this game is that you will fall in love with its amazing graphics. With 2D graphics and bright colors you will see a beautiful scene appear before your eyes. Your task is to drop the fish so that you can catch as many fish as possible. Make a good fishing trip. Let's bring back lots of fish

Detailed instructions for fishing in the game Tiny Fishing

To start fishing you click on the spinner to drop the fishing line. After your hook has been dropped into the water, use your mouse to click and drag the hook left and right to catch fish. The number of fish that your hook touches will follow the hook to be pulled to the surface. And that is your result after a sentence. In addition to fishing you need to know how to use the money you earn to upgrade your skills. This will give you better fishing ability. Besides you need to buy new hooks between uses. Your achievements will still be saved even if you leave the game. You can continue your exciting fishing journey next time.

If you want to earn a lot of money in this game, you need to pay attention to upgrade your fishing rod. This is a completely sound investment. It is easier for you to fish, catch more and better fish. However, you should pay attention to how to accumulate money and only upgrade when necessary.