About Tricky Kick

Join the hottest football match in the Tricky Kick game now! You will experience a completely new and exciting football game.

Tricky Kick is a fresh and fun football-themed game that you may play. The best option if you love football and are tired of playing simple football manager games and casual soccer games. You and your pals are pushed to have fun together in Tricky Kick, a brand-new and original soccer experience that is both difficult and thrilling. You sit side by side.

It's time to make contact with the ball in Tricky Kick and score goals after goals to stand out from the competition! Get ready for a unique soccer experience with a ton of fun levels and diverse difficulties! If you believe you have what it takes to win the day and take the trophy home, enter the stunning 3D world of this game and take your finest shots!

If you enjoy playing soccer video games, this is unquestionably the game for you. You must successfully complete each level's difficulty, get to the target column, and shoot to score points in order to advance to new, harder levels. The subsequent levels will be more challenging. But don't worry, you can use your brains to finish stages and puzzles. Utilize this game and all of your control abilities.

How to play

You can easily control it with the mouse