Ultimate Swish


 Ultimate Swing is one of the most loved great basketball games. Take the test to see how far your basketball shooting skills are.

 At a professional basketball court where the world's top basketball stars compete and practice. You will be transformed into a basketball star to warm up for an upcoming competition at this ballpark. Of course, you have been warmed up well for this game and what you need to practice now is the skill of throwing the ball into the basket.
 This is not a match. This skill is just for you to practice. But it is the duty of man. You need to control the basketball player so that he can throw as many balls into the basket as possible. This is a fundamental skill in this great sport. So this task is not difficult for professional basketball players at this exciting playground.
 However, the difficulty for you with this game is time. When you need to be attentive and calm so that you can balance the scores you score and the accuracy of your pitch.