About Vex 7

Welcome to the Vex 7 game, the newest part of today's most beloved Vex series. Let's continue to accompany the stickman to overcome new challenges.

Similar to earlier Vex games, you must sprint, jump over obstacles, and escape several lethal traps, spikes, and even perilous swimming pools in order to complete stages. To access the many views and features of this new action, you must gather money along the route. Adding new skins to your character also lets you change how they look. Additionally, you can earn more coins by completing a number of daily assignments and bonus stages. There are many new features in this version, including added challenge levels, new skins, and new types of obstacles that will be highly interesting.

You'll spend countless hours amusing yourself while playing games with the Vex 7 version's high-quality graphics! If you are a true fan of this parkour series, you may have noticed that the game keeps improving with each new release. The straightforward yet fluid graphics and enjoyable sound effects in this version are another outstanding aspect that makes it an engaging game. To improve your moviemaking and achieve a high score, put yourself in a perilous situation. You're about to go on a perilous but amazing trip! Show off your mastery of the final move like a true ninja!

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How to play

You use the arrow keys to control your stickman character to overcome obstacles.